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Welcome all! This is an Alternate Universe college setting roleplay. This is where we keep track of our characters and plot ideas that might come up. If you want to join take a look at our list of free characters.

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Due to circumstances, Felicia Hardy has dropped out of school.

Attention all students. 

The fire fighters have inspected the building. There is no fire. 

I repeat: There is no fire.

Whomever put smoke bombs in the first and second floors’ trashcans - we’re onto you.

We will find you.

Students in the first and second floor aren’t allowed back in yet until the smoke clears out. Third and fourth floor are cleared. You may return to your dorms.

Attention Students 

There is a fire in your dorm building. Please evacuate immediately. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. Exit in an orderly fashion using the stairs. Thank you and be safe. 

Updated Dorm Listing 

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We have a new very awesome co-mod!

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Dorms 3.0 

Single room.

Double room.


Common room.

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Maria Hill.